Provider reimbursement is now distributed to hospitals based on their percentage of uncompensated care reported on worksheet S-10. CMS changed the distribution of reimbursement from a low-income model to an uncompensated care model. Hospitals will continue to receive 25% of their “empirically justified” DSH reimbursement under the traditional formula. For FY 2018, CMS will distribute the remaining 75% uncompensated care pool (75% less adjustments for the change in uninsured) based on a factor of the hospitals’ low-income days (SSI + Medicaid days) and Worksheet S-10 uncompensated care costs, per Line 30.  Ultimately, we think CMS will distribute the uncompensated care pool using data solely from cost report worksheet S-10 beginning in FY2020.
Now that Worksheet S-10 has been adopted to distribute the Uncompensated Care pool dollars, SCA's comprehensive S-10 Uncompensated Care Compliance Program will address a provider's process for accumulating and reporting required data on Worksheet S-10.  SCA's S-10 compliance program encompasses, but is not limited to: 
  • a review of the provider's bad debt policy
  • a review of the provides's self-pay discount policy
  • an analysis comparing/contrasting the provider's policies to program reporting requirements for Worksheet S-10
  • a review of the process of recording the applicable write-off transactions through the patient accounting and general ledger systems for compliance to established policies and procedures

Ultimately, SCA will prepare the provider's Worksheet S-10 for filing with its MAC along with future recommendation, if any, including the identification of areas which are inconsistent with Medicare program regulations and instructions in order for the hospital to maintain ongoing compliance. 

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