medicaid eligibility matching 340B Medicare DSH

SCA uses our proprietary matching process to scrub hospital data and maximize eligibility match results via batch transactions. We leverage our direct partnerships with State Medicaid agencies to research every hospital record on all available matching criteria, across multiple State platforms. The results are then aggregated to produce a data set that identifies eligible and non-eligible Medicaid recipients, coverage dates and applicable Medicaid code/aid category. Each engagement is tailored to the needs of the hospital whether they require monthly, quarterly or yearly matching.

What sets SCA apart is our vast knowledge of State Medicaid programs and the capabilities to perform eligibility matches in 46 states (and counting). We conduct extensive research of the various programs in each state to ensure compliance with Medicare DSH regulations. 

If you are a hospital trying to qualify for or maintain Medicare DSH reimbursement or 340B program eligibility, you could benefit from SCA's Medicaid eligibility matching services which includes a review of every patient stay.  For more information on SCA's eligibility matching services, please email Jeff Norman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..